ATGA's New Training Program Video check it out....explains

"How we will help you with Technical Development  so you will have more power & more spin by creating a Perfect Technique.  I gaurentee it"

Chris Langdon

Weekly Tennis clinics at View Point until October 17 then out to Montesa

Saturday Mornings 7am-8:30

Tuesday Evenings 7pm-8:30

Pre-Season Camps "Effortless Power for Doubles plus Strategy"

View Point October 27-29

Montesa 24-26


Contact Chris for all the information or to schedule a private lesson/group lesson or Corporate Tennis Event at (480) 505-6233 or email


Check out our latest video of the fall and spring at View Point our largest Club 2014-2015



Tired of losing matches you know you should win?  

There’s an easy fix. Work with the best!

Our ATGA team is the largest & most experienced in the valley!  Come out and experience the difference!  Proper technique saves you so much time..... learn the game properly.


For the ultimate in improvement - Private Lessons or Private Doubles Lessons, check this out: 


Good time to get your racquets restrung too, as we will come and pick up your racquet at your house.  Within 24 hours we will bring it back to you restrung plus put an overgrip on it.  Just call us for that pick up and delivery service.  Here is a video on the best string in the world, Co-Poly string for increased power and spin.  Thats why the pro's use it!  Click on the link below to view our racquet stringing page: 

I'm introducing Tony Palofox to our MGTA family!  Tony was John McEnroe's coach all throughout his professional life ages 16-30.  Tony won Wimbledon in doubles plus was one of the top players on tour.  Tony was player coach for Mexico's Davis Cup Team.  A living Legend and a true inspiration!