Our new Tennis Development addition is Analytics!  You all know how important it is for me to stay totally tuned into "New Tennis Methodology"  Here are video’s & a complete overview of the Head Tennis Sensor:

 I included this section in my book "Tennisism" about this type of Computer Chip that you can get immediate feedback from.

I'm going to go through a session I had with a new player who used the Head Sensor on his racquet.Our session today as you can see from the final analysis page show how many we hit, what the percentage was in the center of the racquet plus time we used the Tennis Sensor and Stroke numbers.  

Totals 113 total strokes
Forehands 66, Backhands 35, Serves 3 and 9 volley's

Now we can break down all our Forehands into Topspin, flat or drive, underspin or slice

Notice the MPH (Miles per hour) plus RPM (Revolutions per minute)

So we can customize your practice session to increase your spin either topspin or unerspin.
We can work on increasing your volocity on your shots with stroke by stroke readings!


Serve motion with the 3-D image of your serve tells everything!

Where did you hit your serve at 1:00?  How high did you hit it?

Look at your spin rate plus how fast it is!


 Get involved by owning your own Tennis Sensor starting at $125 or just get a lesson from Chris to try it out.
Fun and thrilling new way to measure your game plus your improvements!

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