USRSA Certified Stringing Professionals  "Be sure to Check out our New Video on String Below!"

Get your racquet restrung with the Pro's and get a Customized Racquet Make`over Co-Poly string and a new cushion Overgrip

 We restring your racquet and put a new overgrip on it at no extra charge.  We will pick it up and deliver it right to your door.  Give us a call and we will take care of all your racquet needs.

Call or email Chris Langdon (480) 505-6233 for pick up and delivery.

Our favorite string is Luxillon!  Why do we use this string?  It is the best string in the world!  This Co-Polyester string will give you amazing spin and control plus power and it doesn't break!  Try it and you will see why this is the best string on the planet!  I get asked this question by other racquet stringers all the time, "Why do you string racquets with Luxillon, It will give them tennis elbow?"  Tennis elbow comes from poor technique not Polyester string.   This Co-Poly string that Nadal and Federer love and use can now be in your racquet too.  We don't string our racquets like they do; real tight - and that is the difference!

Check out this video to learn more about String!


Give it a try today and we will gaurantee you will love it or we will restring your racquet for free with another string!


Racquet Service Fees

 Luxillon in the Mains and 17 guage soft sythetic gut in the cross strings     $40

Luxillon in the Mains and 16 guage sythetic gut in the cross strings             $35

All 17 guage soft sythetic gut                                                                   $30