ATGA Objectives for Camps, Clinics, Privates and Training sessions 2018  

Learn how to:  Put the ball away, when to play offensive and defensively, Serve location and how important that is to set up your partner, never miss overheads again, lobs have never been so easy, where to move at the net and when, how to play with obstinant partners and to just relax and have more Fun!


Projective Geometry
Watch the science involved in Rogers Forehand in this video by Jack Broudy:




Put the ball away at the net:

Volley technique with Chris Langdon 

5 ball drill with Chris Langdon: 



Century Drill - Consistency:

Lobs video both Topspin & Underspin with Chris Langdon: 


Footwork at the baseline for both Singles & Doubles with Chris Langdon: 



Rudolf Steiner called his Philosophy ANTHROPOSOPHY